Modern LED replacement for standard cobraheads.

Constellation Street Light


LED Briquette with Heat Sink
  • Full Structure Cooling
    LED ‘briquettes’ are mounted to finned radiator heat-sink modules. Gaps between modules allow air to fully circulate throughout the components and the warm air to escape. In addition, the modules are held in place at each end by a ‘thermal bracket rail’ that conducts heat to the thin outer shell, fully utilizing its surface area to transfer heat to the ambient air.
  • Double Coupling IP68 Protection
    The unit’s ‘screw-free’ design avoids the potential for moisture penetration into any component. Double silicon rubber rings insulate the LEDs from the outside environment and completely eliminate any intrusion to PC boards and chips.
  • Ultra Robust Module Technology
    Each LED is equipped with bypass protection so a open or short circuit fault can’t affect current and voltage distribution to others. If a single LED is damaged, the current distribution is balanced out through the remaining structure, thus protecting the whole system and prolonging its longevity.
  • Independent Multi-Circuit Constant Current Output
    Each circuit is independently controlled so a failure in any single circuit won’t affect normal operation of the others.
  • Tool-Free Structure
    In consideration of their inconvenient operating environment installed high on poles, and perhaps in remote locations, thoughtful design allows service panel access and disassembly without need of tools.
Laser Guidance Constellation Model Streetlight

Laser Guidance augments its OEM line of RoadStar® and AreaStar® lights with these branded Constellation Series high quality LED street and area lighting products. These lights provide the maintenance-free efficiency of LEDs in robust designs capable of withstanding the harshest conditions of heat, cold, and humidity. The contemperary styling of these lampheads incorporate the latest LED design concepts in materials, layout, and electronics. LEDs are arranged into individual modular LED 'briquettes' to aid in cooling, critical to LED 50,000 hour lifespan. Electrical load is distributed evenly via individual circuits, ensuring the entire system won't go down with the failure of any one LED or connection within it.

Models: CONSTELLATION 80 / 120 /160 (120 shown above)

A range of output options available to match your specific requirements. Laser Guidance inspection program ensures consistent production quality backed by our full replacement warrany against defects.




    Total System Power: 80W
    Output: 8,000 Lumens
    Dimensions: 105 x 265 mm / Wt: 1.2 kg
    LED Quantity: 32

    Total System Power: 120W
    Output: 12,000 Lumens
    Dimensions: 105 x 265 mm / Wt: 1.2 kg
    LED Quantity: 54

    Total System Power: 160W
    Output: 16,000 Lumens
    Dimensions: 105 x 265 mm / Wt: 1.4 kg
    LED Quantity: 72

LED Light Source:

  • Philips Rebel Es

Input Voltage:

  • AC 90-305V 50-60HZ

Led Luminous Efficiency:

  • 100 lm/W

Led Initial Luminous Flux:

  • C80: 8000 lm / C120: 12000 lm / C160: 160000 lm

Average Illuminance:

  • C80: 6m = 51lux / 8m = 34lux / 10m = 15lux
  • C120: 6m = 64lux / 8m = 38lux / 10m = 22lux
  • C160: 6m = 90lux / 8m = 50lux / 10m = 31lux

Illuminance Area:

  • C80: 6m = 20x8m / 8m = 26x10m / 10m = 33x13m
  • C120: 6m = 20x8m / 8m = 26x10m / 10m = 33x13m
  • C160: 6m = 20x8m / 8m = 26x10m / 10m = 33x13m

Illuminance Uniformity:

  • > 0.8

Color Temperature:

  • 4000-7000K

Color Render Index:

  • > 70ra

Light Distribution:

  • Bat Wing

Beam Angle:

  • 125°

Working Temperature:

  • -25° ~ 40°C

Storage Temperature:

  • -25° ~ 65°C (Optimal 25°)


  • CE / RoHS / ETL, DLC, SAA, PSE,
    UL (power supply only)

  • Specifications subject to change.