RoadStar® and AreaStar® lighting systems use focused LED technology to provide the most efficient use of every watt of energy.

Laser Guidance lighting systems capure every photon of light produced in its unique LED light focusing optics, sculpting that light into specific patterns to make more efficient use of energy and resulting in lower consumption. Compared to high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps, our LED designs can save up to 80% in electical usage and pay for themselve in a very few years, with the benefits continuing for up to 20 years of low operating cost, minimal grid load, and low-to-no maintenance. Even compared to other LED lamps on the market, Laser Guidance technology offers double the efficency in measured lux per watt on the ground for the same lamp height installation.

When paired with our solar kit, this extreme efficiency allows the RoadStar and AreaStar units to operate dependably when the competition dims. The systems are over-built with extra margins of capacity so no component is subjected to undo load. The solar panel supplied is over-sized for the projected operating location and environment wherever the unit will be installed around the globe. The battery is seldom depleted more than 50% in its duty cycle, extending battery life. Light intensity can be programmed via a sophisticated smart controller to reduce power periodically, prolonging batterry charge. The LEDs are never pushed to their full output capacity and the cast aluminum lamp body provides a large heatsink to keep the LEDs at a cool operating temperature. All electronics are sealed behind a glass lens against dust and rain. The complete one-piece welded unit includes arm, pole attachment collar, field servicable battery box, and attached omni-directional adjustable panel frame mount.

There is no more efficient streetlamp on the market today. Contact us for a quote to make Laser Guidance technology a part of your infrastucture of tomorrow.

RoadStar LED Street Light

LED focusing lens rosettes beam light at a range of precisely engineered angles, painting a long narrow strip of bright, clean, white light along the roadway, not allowing it to spread off wastefully into the surrounding countryside. Using only 42 watts, efficiency is engineered into every component. OEM product.


AreaStar LED Street Light

In outward appearance, the AreaStar lamphead design appears identical to the RoadStar, however the LED arrangement inside provides a more typical floodlight output for general lighting applications. Using the same light focusing LED elements, but set in rows as opposed to rosettes, the lenses capture all of the emmited light and shape it into a circular pattern on the ground. The nature of the light is a pleasing soft natural white. OEM product.



Laser Guidance offers a number of other options to meet your exterior lighting needs:

Laser Guidance LED Streetlight

Constellation Series

LED Repacement Cobrahead

Built to provide years of maintenance free service, the Constellation lamphead is a direct replacement for traditional cobrahead designs and your best choice for new LED streetlamp installations. Uses less than half the energy of obsolete 250W sodium bulbs. Rated for over 50,000 hours service life.


Laser Guidance LED Streetlight 80W

Orion Series

LED Retrofit for Cobrahead

Achieve new levels of lighting efficiency with this screw-in LED retrofit for typical sodium and metal-halide lamps in cobrahead designs. Obsolete ballast and starter components can be removed to make additional room within the cobrahead cavity for this compact LED array to be spun easily into place. Unit includes self-contained cooling fan.


Solar Panels

Solar & Hydro

Power Generation and Mini-Grids

Laser Guidance brings its experienced engineering know-how to electrical power infrastructure projects to provide complete turnkey energy solutions. Focusing on the developing economies, we are working closely with officials in Rwanda, Kenya, D.R. Congo, and Ghana to engineer proposals to help meet their need for power now and in the future.