For over twenty years, Laser Guidance has pioneered innovative airfield lighting solutions for US military, NATO and UN deployment around the world. Beginning in 1992 with its laser-based visual landing aid for US Navy aircraft carriers, its systems have been tested and trusted in the toughest environments and the most critical military operations.

For civilian airports, Laser Guidance low-voltage LED runway lighting systems are a modern alternative to outdated conventional incandescent systems. Faster, simpler installation and extreme efficiency substantially reduces install and operating costs for grid-tied systems and allows solar powered lights to continue operating reliably during power outages and extended cloudy periods where other systems fail. Specifically for operators of smaller regional airports, these systems provide a cost effective solution where previously it was too expensive or impossible due to lack of electrical capacity.

Laser Guidance systems comply with FAA and ICAO Annex 14 specifications and are manufactured proudly at its USA facility in Redmond, Washington. Rely on Laser Guidance for the most advanced airfield lighting systems.

Solar Edge Light SystemPAPI Systems

Patented LED optics acheive lowest power consumtion, highest intensity, and sharpest red-white transition definition to provide critically accurate approach slope information to the pilot. Proven LEDreliability in worldwide use with essentially no maintenance. Can be mounted on permanent frangible or temporary mounting legs. Where electrical service is less than dependable, pairing with the Solar Power Station (SPS), ensures absolute reliable operation. Exceeds ICAO standards. MORE >

LED Runway Edge LightEdge Lights

Runway edge lights outline the perimeter of the runway during periods of darkness or reduced visibility. These omni-directional LED lights are available in color variants depending on application and are variable low (LIRL) to medium (MIRL) intensity. Extremely efficient innovative design can be solar powered when paired with Solar Power Pod (SPP) MORE >

LED REIL LightRunway End Identifier Lights (REIL)

REIL systems are installed parallel to the runway threshold and provide clear visual demarcation of the airfield runway approach end. Flashing uni-directional or omni-directional variant LED lights operate at safe low voltages and can be solar powered when paired with Solar Power Pod (SPP). MORE >

MALSER Approach LightApproach Lights System (MALSR)

LED Medium Intensity Approach Light System provides visual information on runway alignment, height perception, roll guidance, and horizontal references. It is critical during the transition from instrument flight to visual flight for landing. The ALS system is flexible and extensible and may be radio controlled by the arriving aircraft. MORE >

Solar Power PodSolar Power Pod

Laser Guidance innovative Solar Power Pod provides consistant reliable electrical power to runway edge lights, threshold lights, REILs and taxiway lights. It includes a solar panel, large capacity sealed AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery, intelli-charger, and wireless controller. The panel can be scaled in size and positioned according to local conditions. The pod is installed a few meters from the runway edge, safely away from aircraft traffic, with a short low-voltage buried cable connecting the light. MORE >