Compact system components offer 'airport in a suitcase' mobility with the precision of laser guidance accurate to 10 nautical miles (18.5 km)

Portable LZ Components

The LZ-PALS is a man-portable lighting system for marking rotary wing tactical landing zones. Visible and NVG-compatible laser-based approach lighting for both centerline and glideslope guidance is supplemented by a FLIR-compatible glideslope approach indicator. Highly portable lights with visible, NVG, and FLIR capability are included for approach and hover. These lights are also used to mark parking spots. Each lighting element is battery-powered for a minimum of 8 hours of self-contained operation. The lighting elements are radio remote controlled via a hand-held controller. All of the equipment is transported in two fabric cases, and together with tripods, charging cables, and hand-held radio remote controller weights 120 pounds (54 kg). All of the lighting components can be recharged from AC power of 85 to 263 V at 47 to 63 Hz. A tactical landing zone can be placed into full operation by two soldiers in less than 20 minutes.

Diode Laser Centerline Localizer (DLCL)

A lightweight, portable, tripod mounted guidance system designed to provide the pilot with precise visual guidance for centerline alignment to landing zones. The system operate in both visible and night vision (NVG) mode using a combination of visible and infrared lasers. A rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery powers the unit, providing the system with over 40 hours of operating time between recharging.

Diode Laser Glideslope Indicator (DLGI)

A lightweight, portable, tripod mounted guidance system designed to provide the pilot with precise visual guidance for glideslope alignment during descent to landing zones. The systems can be turned on remotely using the digital radio transmitter, or turned on and off manually. Parallax based sights mounted on the top of each system allows them to be lined up within minutes. Provides precise guidance that is visible and accurate at ranges out to ten nautical miles (18.5 km).

Landing Zone Edge Light

The LZ Edgelight operates in five different modes. The visible mode provides efficient and crisp visible light using an array of visible LED's. NVG mode uses a similar near infrared series of LED's to provide effective LZ lighting for a dark landing zone visible only to NVG equipped pilots. In FLIR mode, the solid-state far infrared emitter pad can be seen by FLIR equipped aircraft. Combinations of individual modes can be selected as well. A lightweight version of the LZ Edgelights comes with only visible and night vision modes. In the visible or NVG mode, the internal rechargeable battery provides 40 hours of operation, or 8 hours In FLIR mode. Manual peration or via the digital radio provided with the system.