Laser Guidance LED PAPI systems provide unrivaled performance with unmatched efficiency benefitting in lowest cost of operation, lowest maintenance, and highest reliability. Depended upon by militaries around the world including US Army, Marines, US Navy and Air Force, UAE, Saudi Air Force, UN, and more. These units have a 10 year proven track record in the harshest conditions, from the cold frozen arctic of northern Canada to the broiling heat of Eritrea and Somalia. Laser Guidance PAPI's use 1/10th the power of conventional units and can be solar powered at remote off-grid sites with the custom engineered solar power kit.


Precision Approach Path Indicator

Patented LED optics acheive lowest power consumtion, highest intensity, and sharpest red-white transition denition to provide critically accurate approach slope information to the pilot. Solar power kit ensures uninterrupted service. Proven reliability in worldwide service. Permantent frangible or temporary mounting legs. Exceeds FAA & ICAO standards.

US Patent No. 6,573,659. Other patents pending.





  • High power LEDs with proper heat management ensures stable photometrics for life of product

  • FAA L-880/881 & E-3007 (2 &4 LHA) compliant

  • ICAO Annex 14 PAPI (2 & 4 LHA) & APAPI (2 LHA) compliant

  • STANAG 3316 PAPI (2 & 4 LHA) & APAPI (2 LHA) compliant

  • UFC 3-535-01 (4 LHA) compliant

  • Optical glass lens

Power Options:

  • SOLAR POWER KIT (SPK): 24 VDC Solar panels, mounting hardware, batteries, enclosures, air transportable container, AC input for backup

  • GENERATOR KIT: Gas or diesel generator, AC input for backup

  • BATTERY KIT: Batteries & enclosures, AC input fpr backup

  • AC ONLY: 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 3 & 5 step current input

Control Options:

  • NON-WIRELESS: AC input of 3 & 5 step current, local control

  • WIRELESS: 2.5 mile (4 km) control range with handheld controller


  • Powder coated aluminum chassis with integrated handles, aviation orange standard, yellow and other colors available

  • Stainless steel & anodized aluminum hardware

  • Integrated digital level


  • -31 to 131 deg F (-35 to 55 deg C) ambient

Wind Loading:

  • 100 mph (45 m/s)


  • NEMA 4 & EN 60529 IP 55

Laser Guidance PAPI Dimensions Drawing

Specifications are subject to change.