Two solar powered runway lights perform with 100% reliability through rainy season.

In September 2015, Dave Shemwell and Max Karst travelled to southeast Rwanda to install two solar powered runway edge lights at Kamembe Airport. The installation was at the invitation of Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority head Silas Udahemuka as a test of whether the units would function reliably through the typical three month rainy season October through December. The lights were placed well off the runway on the airport grounds and performed with 100% reliability through extended cloudy periods and well after.

In April, Director Udahemuka notified us that the lights have performed to his satisfaction and the project for lighting the airfield has been forwarded to the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) for funding. We are hopeful the RDB will make the decision to move forward in coming months.

First night test showing the red side of the threshold light and the white edge light with their associated Solar Power Pods (SPP).

A different view shows the green approach side of the threshold light.

Max Karst and Pascal Bakarani working to set up the lights and Solar Power Pods (SPP).

The lights installed with connecting cables buried in shallow trench.

Dave Semwell, Max Karst and Pascal Bakarani with the solar edge light ready for a 3 month test.